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Generation Equality Voices
ONU Women France

The project carried by Women Included has been approved by UN Women France to participate in the
Festival Generation Equality Voices:
Realizing women’s rights for an equal future
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Webinars calendar

from June 25 to July 16

June 25 : “Revealing women’s lives and words across boundaries
Introduction to the book on feminicide. Excerpt and visuals. Brigitte Marti, Pramila Venkateswaran, Fatma Ramdani

June 26: § “Precious lives of native american women and girls”
Opening paragraph. Brigitte Marti, Laureen Tsosie-Rusek

July 2: § “Trafficking in Women & Girls roots in gender based violence”
Paragraphs read aloud with images from countries referenced in read aloud (Tunisia and Ghana) – Racha Haffar & Mona Ayoub

July 10: Art to fight violence against women
Theater, photography, voice and visuals – Elaine Molinaro, Sophie Bourel, Brigitte Marti

July 17: Violence against Intersex and trans populations
Domestic violence: transnational and intersectional perspective of feminicide. Resistance. – Cynthya BrianKate, Brigitte Marti, Pramila Venkateswaran